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Stability Walker

Stability Walker

Stability Walker

  • Stability Walker
  • Stabil-D 2
  • peg insole modus
  • Forefoot ulcer image
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STABIL D is a foot / ankle brace designed for the treatment of diabetic foot in the acute phase and the relief of pressure in case of neuropathic and ischemic ulcers in the forefoot and midfoot. It is indicated in the treatment of vascular diabetic foot and Charcot's foot . It is ideal for the post-surgical treatment for arthrosis of the ankle, subtalar, distal corrective osteotomy and fractures of the talus and calcaneus where total unloading is required. Also suitable in cases of ankle instability , when it is necessary to partially immobilise the ankle joint.

The rigid Biomechanical sole gives the brace maximum stability in the gait phases and has an EVA insole.

The multi-velcro closure and the total opening simplify and speed up the fit, the front flap protects the shin and ankle from dangerous and painful chafing.

STABIL D can be used in combination with the MODUS FOOTBED (PL345), which allows further discharge of the ulcerated area or, or with customized insoles.

Sizes: Each brace covers two sizes, matched as below:

35-36 | 37-38 | 39-40 | 41-42 | 43-44 | 45-46 | 47-48

The Stabil-D can be USED IN COMBINATION WITH one of the following products:

  1. Modus footbed (code: PL345)
  2. Zero footbed (code: PO060)
  3. Custom footbed

Randomised double blind study on treatment in acute phase: Stabil-D vs TCC

2010 - Published in Diabetes Care - http://­care.­diabe­tes­jo­urnals.­org/­content/­33/­7/­1419.­abstract?sid=­66b001ae-c174-4424-b6be-6cbb326430b5

AIM OF THE STUDY  Evaluate the efficacy of removable cast walker compared with the Gold Standard nonremovable offloading cast in the treatment of diabetic plantar foot ulcer.

CONCLUSIONS  The STABIL-D cast walker, although removable was equivalent in efficacy to the TCC in terms of ulcer size reduction and total healing rate. The easier us of Stabil-D may help increase the use of off-loading devices in the management of plantar neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers.

Clinical trial link:  https://­clinicaltrials.­gov/­ct2/­show/­NCT01005264?term=­stabil-d&rank=1

Recommended for

  • Tibiotarsal, subastragaloid arthrodesis
  • Charcot foot
  • Corrective distal osteotomy
  • Cancaneal fractures
  • Mid foot and forefoot ulcers


  • Comparable to Gold Standard TCI's
  • Modus insole or 8° degree ngative insole option (extra cost)
  • Removeable 15mm EVA insole allows for custom made insole


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Rating: 5.0
17th August 2018, 21:13:48
As a practice that deals with complicated foot and ankle issues we have used this product recently on a patient following a serious accident which resulted in various surgical procedures to the foot. Due to the surgery and the complicated issues the patient was not allowed to wear normal footwear and was struggling walking with crutches. This boot has allowed her to off load the foot and to walk without the aid of crutches. As an adjunct to treatment this product is 10/10

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