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Vanguard, designed for a patients suffering from ulceration, neuropathy, oedema or post operative swelling and bandages this footwear allows ease of entry and is fully adjustable. Offered in both boot and shoe options with velcro adjustable heel and foreparts for maximum comfort and completed with shock absorbent, slip resistant PU sole unit.

Manufactured with Superplush our exclusive anti-bacterial foam backed lining as standard

  • Inhibits growth of bactria and fungi in the product 
  • Regulates temperature
  • Safe, no chemicals

Available in sizes 1 to 11 in Standard, Wide, Deep and Wide and Deep fittings, this footwear is perfect for the “at risk” foot. Please refer to the REECO accommodation chart for correct sizing.

Style No: VGS

Vanguard Shoe

Style No: VGB

Vanguard Boot