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Therapeutic Socks from Reed Medical

In addition to our superlative collection of customised therapeutic footwear, Reed Medical also supply an extensive selection of ancillary products including a range of specialist socks. The complete collection is available to private buyers from Foot Orthotics, our dedicated online shop.

Chopart Socks

The medical removal of the forefoot at the midtarsal joint is known as 'Chopart's amputation', named after the 18th-century surgeon François Chopart who pioneered the procedure. As with any amputation, the procedure causes both physical and mental trauma to the patient and so making them feel comfortable after the surgery is crucial. Chopart socks can help immensely in this regard.

Chopart socks are designed to be extremely soft and comfortable, crafted to be seamless and so allowing them to be donned and doffed easily. The socks feature a non-elasticated loop cuff along with a hand-linked toe, making them a safe and effective option for patients who have undergone a Chopart's amputation procedure to one or both of their feet. Both the Classic and Half Plush versions are rich in cotton and include nylon and lycra in their construction.

Chopart Socks

Toe Tec Socks

The Toe Tec collection of socks was designed, engineered and developed in Germany to offer therapeutic value to people with diabetes and other conditions that affect the feet. Combining comfort and health with fashionable style, the socks are available in a range of different formats and in a rainbow palette of colour options.

PROTECT iT Diabetic Socks

PROTECT iT diabetic socks are the result of many years of collaborative development and research between a wide array of surgeons, podiatrists, CDEs (Certified Diabetes Educators) and other professionals from across the spectrum of the medical profession. Crafted using highly-breathable memory fabric and incorporating silver ion blended fibres, the socks help to protect at-risk feet as well as delivering strong resistance to bacteria and fungal infections.

PROTECT iT Diabetic Socks

If you need advice, information or support regarding our collection of socks, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team.