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The Importance of Off Loading Footwear Post-Surgery

Patients who have had surgery to the foot and/or lower leg are often recommended to wear off loading footwear post-surgery. Reed Medical is a premier supplier of such footwear, that has been engineered and manufactured by industry-leading brand PODartis.

PODartis was the first ever company to manufacture and test off loading footwear. With more than two decades of experience in the field, PODartis now create a wide range of products which, when it comes to post-operative off loading shoes, is considered to be of world-class standard.

Reed Medical supplies the PODartis range of acute phase off loading footwear to the NHS, as well as a number of private hospitals and clinics. Repeated clinical studies and trials have all confirmed just how effective the footwear is at providing functional post-surgery recovery.

The Reed Medical collection of PODartis acute phase off loading footwear includes:

PODartis Forefoot Off Loader

Delivering extra stability with no adverse effects on posture, PODartis forefoot off loaders are primarily designed for patients who have undergone forefoot surgery, sustained a fracture and/or suffer with inflammation. Delivering the optimum angle of ankle dorsiflexion while stabilising walking movements and reducing the 'step effect', the footwear offers effective off loading.

PODartis Forefoot Off Loader

PODartis Heel Off Loader

Engineered to provide complete off loading of the rear foot, the PODartis Heel Off Loader incorporates innovative Teraheel technology and is suited to patients with lesions, bursities, fractures, ulcers and heel injuries. Featuring a rigid biomechanical outsole, the footwear is supplied complete with an off loading insole that has been carefully crafted from comfortable, super-soft PU.

PODartis Heel Off Loader

Discover more details about PODartis off loading footwear, as well as clinical evidence of its effectiveness, on our website.