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Stability Boot

The Reed Medical Stability Boot incorporates uniquely designed extended stiffeners and padding which stabilizes the lower talus whilst maintaining a firm yet cushioned fit around the upper talus and malleoli.
This design negates excessive pressure around the ankle which can be the cause of discomfort, but still maintains high stability. Increased padding in the tongue offers further comfort. The height of the boots has also been increased to 125mm for greater control.
Available in four specific designs in a variety of colours in sizes 21-40 in XXN, XN, N, S, and WIDE. Through wedge soles with a mild rocker complete the specification. Modular variations are available as well as a commando sole option.
Unique Extended Stiffener design to aid control
Specific padding to maximise comfort around the malleoli
Increased upper height for maximum stability 
Padded tongue
Available in XXN, XN, N, S and WIDE in  21-40
Four new styles in a variety of colours
Commando sole option
Style No: A198B


Style No: A198B