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Solace: The Single Solution for the Rheumatoid Foot

Women with common foot pathologies such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis often experience difficulty when trying to find stylish yet comfortable footwear. Treatment of such conditions often includes a recommendation to wear shoes with a wider fitting but these often do not meet a patient's aesthetic requirements, resulting in the patient not wearing the shoes as prescribed.

To offer a solution to this common problem, Reed Medical has created the Solace collection of ladies' footwear. Combining the forepart-width of our existing lasts with a narrower heel and waist, Solace footwear is designed with aesthetic appeal, as well as therapeutic value, firmly in mind.

The Solace collection currently comprises eight different styles of footwear, including brogues, court shoes and trainers. To create the impressive visual style, a range of fabulously feminine leathers and superlatively-stylish suedes has been used, all available in a spectrum of different colours and finishes.

Though extremely robust, the materials used in the manufacture of Solace footwear have been selected for their light weight and unmatched flexibility: even the wedge sole units are made from feather-light EVA. Inside, the footwear is lined with SuperPlush anti-bacterial foam, helping to keep the feet clean, cool and free from odour.

We invite you to browse the Solace collection on the Reed Medical website. Please note that Solace footwear requires fitting at a clinic. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team.