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Shoes: The Record-Breakers!

Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, orthotic clinics are currently closed. If you're self-isolating and feeling bored, check out these fun footwear facts taken from the Guinness Book of World Records...

World's Largest Shoe

The biggest shoe ever made was created by Hong Kong fashion bureau Electric Sekki. Created to celebrate the launch of footwear manufacturer Superga, the giant shoe measured 6.4m in length, 2.39m in width and a massive 1.65m in height.

Most People Polishing Shoes

Organised in Japan by the Asakusa Polishing Shoes World Challenge Executive Committee, this successful attempt at the world record saw no less than 800 people polishing shoes simultaneously.

World's Heaviest Shoes Walked In

Ashita Furman set this record as one of many others achieved and attempted during Guinness World Records Day in 2010. Furman just about managed to walk the required distance in the shoes, which weighted a whopping 146.5kg.

Fastest Time to Lace A Shoe

Lacing shoes can be a cumbersome job but not from the UK's Jane Pearce. On 27th May 2018, she managed to completely lace a shoe in just under 23 seconds.

World's Largest Collection of Shoes

The late Darlene Flynn of the USA holds the record, with a verified collection of 16,400 pairs of shoes. Darlene also had the world's largest collection of shoe-related items, amassing 15,665 in just 12 years from starting her collection in 2000.

Tallest Stack of Shoes in One Minute

Italy's Silvio Sabba managed to stack a total of 13 shoes in one minute. Think this doesn't sound like many? Why not try it yourself and see just how hard it is? We'd love to see pictures of your attempt!

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