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Ponseti Method

The Ponseti method is a manipulative treatment that corrects congenital club foot. It was developed by Dr Ignacio V Ponseti in the 1950's and repopularised in 2000. It is the standard treatment for Club foot.

Ponseti treatment was introduced in UK in the late 1990s and widely popularized around the country by NHS physiotherapist Steve Wildon. The manipulative treatment of clubfoot deformity is based on the inherent properties of the connective tissue, cartilage, and bone, which respond to the proper mechanical stimuli created by the gradual reduction of the deformity.

Following the manipulation and casting phase, the feet are fitted with open-toed straight-laced shoes attached to a bar; , Original Dobbs, Quick release spring Dobbs or Mitchell   The affected foot is abducted (externally rotated) to 70° with the unaffected foot set at 45° of abduction. The shoes also have a heel counter bumper to prevent the heel from slipping out of the shoe. The shoes are worn for 23 hours a day for three months and are worn at night and during naps for up to three years.

There is a wealth of knowledge regarding with use of the Ponseti method of bracing, it effectivness and studies comparing the fixed and dynamic bars see below for link to this information.



Ponseti Boot

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