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PODartis Shoes: Put Your Feet Up!

Due to the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus and subsequent implementation of social distancing, many Reed Medical clients are currently redeployed and/or only seeing 'at risk' or emergency patients. Such professionals can rest assured that we remain open and ready to respond to urgent requests.

For when treatment is required immediately, Reed Medical can quickly supply a comprehensive selection of off-loading devices designed and manufactured by leading brand PODartis. Podartis was the first company in the world to design, test and produce shoes for the therapeutic purpose of unloading the forefoot.

Now considered the standard when it comes to post-operative footwear, the PODartis line of shoes resulted from a process of continual investment in research, development and testing over many years. The unmatched effectiveness of the footwear has been proven time and time again and so Reed Medical is proud to present a complete range of products for use during post-operative recovery and treatment.

Our PODartis collection of off-loading devices includes Forefoot, Midfoot, Heel and Stabil D, all of which are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

If a shoe is required urgently then now is the right time to try our ‘Ideal Therapeutic Shoe’, on the shelf and ready to be delivered for that timely intervention.

 All shoes feature:

  • Stretchable and health mouldable technology that allows the upper to be shaped to individual characteristics of the foot, helping to avoiding dangerous frictions
  • Extended back counter for improved stability
  • Rim toe puff/cap
  • Safeseam lining
  • Pressure redistribution biomechanical outsole
  • Removable insole for you to add bespoke TCI
  • Rigid or Semi Rigid outsole options

If you're self-isolating and feeling glum then we advise you to STAY HOME, EAT CHOCOLATE and PUT YOUR FEET UP! Find out more about PODartis shoes on the Reed Medical website.