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PODartis clinical trial evidence

Stabil D - Effectiveness of removable walker cast versus nonremovable fibreglass off-bearing cast in the healing of Diabetic plantar foot ulcer https://­care.­diabe­tes­jo­urnals.­org/­content/­33/­7/­1419

WPS Forefoot offloading - Clinical test on forefoot offloading shoes after surgery 

TD & WPS - Pedobarographic and kinematic analysis in the functional evaluation of two post-operative forefoot offloading shoes https://­jfootankleres.­biomedcentral.­com/­articles/­10.­1186/­s13047-015-0116-3

WPS Forefoot offloading shoe - Evauate offloading efficacy of 2 forefoot offloading shoes compared to normal shoe in diabetic patients 

Activity shoes - Clinical study on shoes for protected physical activity for the rheumatic/­diabetic foot - ACTIVITY shoes with WellWalk® philosophy v normal shoes