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Podartis® Activity® 2.0 Footwear: Professional Protection for Feet

The previous edition of the Reed Medical blog focused on Activity® 1.0 Podartis® off loading footwear, a range of trainers designed to protect the sensitive foot. In this feature, we look at another member of the Podartis® collection: Activity® 2.0 trainers.

Podartis® Activity® 2.0 trainers are carefully manufactured with Dynamic Cross System® (DCS) technology, based on a unique system patented by Podartis®. The DCS system comprises a composite fibre insert inside the Vibram® tread: as the wearer walks, this component collects released energy during the early stages of contact and mid stance, before converting it into spring energy during the propulsion phase. This simplifies the walk and gives the wearer a noticeable boost.

Other design features and health benefits integral to Podartis® Activity® 2.0 trainers include:

  • Semi-rigid outsole that strongly resists collapse under heavy usage
  • Resistance against pronation and supination excesses
  • An ultra-high elastic response during toe-off, helping to improve the gait and reducing the energy demand for heavier or less mobile patients
  • A back counter to improve stability and flexibility
  • Enhanced internal volume to allow for the comfortable accommodation of deformities and/or swollen feet: the extra space can also permit a custom insole to be inserted

Though they can deliver therapeutic value to anyone with sore, swollen feet, Podartis® Activity® 2.0 trainers are particularly recommended for people with diabetes, rheumatism affecting the feet, arthritis and/or hallux ridgidus/­limitus. The footwear is available in a choice of colours so check out our website to discover your options.

Don't forget that you can currently save a full 25% on Podartis® Activity® 1.0 trainers with our limited-time introductory discount. More details can be found in a recent blog article.