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Other Products

At Reed Medical  we have now launched our new range of footcare and footwear ancillary products. Legendcare Socks for the at risk foot and Gaiter Insoles for the treatment of painful heel conditions and fallen arches.

A further additon to our product is the Dennis Brown, Dobbs and Horton Click bar. Choose the bar for your needs then click on the menu bar on the left, childrens, ponsetti boot and purchase the new ponseti boots. Alternatively you can purchase any of these products individually.

Keep watching this space...... more exciting products are being added regularly. If there is anything you would like and can't find it please contact our customer service team on 01254 503333.

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Style No: RMS

Measuring Stick

  • £30.00
  • £25.00 without VAT

Chopart Socks

  • £21.60
  • £18.00 without VAT
Style No: PL345

Podartis Modus Insole

  • £18.80

Ponseti Boot

  • £40.00