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Orthopaedic Footwear: Our Client Portfolio

With more than five decades of experience, Reed Medical is proud to be the UK's leading manufacturer of orthopaedic footwear designed to deliver therapeutic value to people with medical conditions affecting the feet. In addition to being the premier supplier of such footwear to the NHS, we also work closely with a number of private clinics and hospitals.

Organisations that we supply our specialist footwear to include:

The London Orthotic Consultancy

Caring for both children and adults for more than ten years, the London Orthotic Consultancy now has several branches all over the UK. Always at the cutting edge of orthotics, the clinic recently opened its state of the art Video Vector Gait Lab, resulting in a dramatic enhancement in its ability to fine-tune orthotics relating to the lower limbs.

Total Orthotics

Offering a comprehensive service to assist with pain relief and issues associated with biomechanical injuries and other long-term conditions, the team at Total Orthotics boast a wealth of knowledge and experience. For several years, Total Orthotics has been providing a measuring and fitting service for footwear sourced at Reed Medical.

Premier Orthotics Ltd

With over three decades of experience in orthotics, Mark Elmer at Premier Orthotics Ltd is extremely well established and highly renowned. His patient portfolio includes a number of people with diabetes and rheumatism and he also works in the complex field of sports orthotics.

We invite you to browse our website to discover the complete range of orthopaedic footwear and accessories supplied by Reed Medical, along with comprehensive details about the range of specialist services we provide.