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Indoor Support: Therapeutic House Shoes

There's nothing nicer after a long day on your feet than getting home, kicking off your shoes and getting into a warm, comfy pair of slippers. Bliss! The problem is that slippers offer no support, which can be a deal-breaker for patients with 'at risk' feet. Reed Medical proudly supplies an innovative solution: here we introduce our House Shoe.

Patients with 'at risk' feet benefit hugely from wearing therapeutic footwear crafted by Reed Medical. These shoes are designed to support and protect the foot but they can only do their job while actually being worn: no good if you want to put your feet up and relax at home! Our House Shoes offer the same supportive benefits as our therapuetic outdoor shoes but are designed specially to be worn indoors.

House Shoes from Reed Medical have lots of beneficial features, including:

  • Toe Puff & Stiffeners. These components are designed to both support and help stabilise the wearer while moving about indoors
  • Comfortable Lining. The inside of the shoes is as carefully designed as the outside and features a warm, cosy lining
  • Sole Unit. An EVA through-wedge sole unit delivers robust, tough qualities
  • Touch-and-Close Fastening. The House Shoes are easily put on and taken off, with the touch-and-close fastening providing fast adjustment in the case of swelling or as otherwise required
  • Seam-Free Vamp. The 'vamp' of an article of footwear is the area where the footwear ends on the top of the foot. Vamps on our House Shoes are seam-free to further enhance comfort levels
  • Hand-Washable Uppers. House Shoes can be kept looking as good as new by simply cleaning the uppers with soap and water

There are four styles of House Shoes to choose from on the Reed Medical website: Aquarius, Libra, Pisces & Gemini. Check out the individual product pages for more information or get in touch with a member of our expert team.