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Made-to-Measure Children's Footwear: Safe for School

According to one in-depth clinical study (Buldt, Menz et al,) carried out in 2018, 65% of children wear ill-fitting shoes. This can lead to a number of health issues both minor and major, some of which can continue into adult life. In this edition of the Reed Medical blog, we take a closer look at some of these problems.

  • Ingrown Toenails. Wearing shoes that are too tight puts an excessive amount of pressure on the corners of toes, causing the nails to grow incorrectly: as the sharp nail presses into the soft, delicate flesh beneath, it can obviously result in a painful experience. As well as causing swelling that further compounds the problem, ingrown toenails can become infected.  
  • Foot Deformities. The frequent rubbing of the feet against materials that are neither pliable or breathable can cause all sorts of deformities. These include bunions, corns, calluses and hammertoes.
  • Increased Fall Risk. Whether too tight or too loose, improperly-fitting children's footwear affects balance and coordination, resulting in an increased risk of tripping, falling and subsequent injury. This problem can be made worse by shoes without proper, secure closure.
  • Arthritis. Due to the lack of correct support, the prolonged wearing of ill-fitting shoes can increase the risk of developing arthritis and joint pain in later life.
  • Nerve Damage. The stress put on the feet by wearing badly-fitting shoes can affect the nerves, damaging them and causing sensations of numbness or tingling. This lack of feeling can prevent further damage from being noticed until it is too late.

It is clear that providing a child with high-quality, made-to-measure footwear is essential and this is especially true when it comes to school shoes. Reed Medical is a specialist supplier of a wide range of such footwear that combines support and comfort with impeccable, kid-friendly styling and the most robust construction.

Discover our complete range of school shoes and other children's footwear on the Reed Medical website. Need advice, information or support? Please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of foot experts.