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Podartis Off loading footwear- Activity

Protective Shoes for the Diabetic & Rheumatic foot. 

Specially designed to protect the sensitive foot during physical activity, for metatarsalgia problems and protection of Hallux valgus and the Diabetic foot.

Clinical studies conducted in major universities have shown that activity shoes significantley improve gait parameters, posture and stability

The distinctive features of these shoes are:

  • Safeseam upper construction with no seams in the sensitve points
  • Extended back counters that stabilise and guide the gait
  • Sensitive feet (rheumatic & diabetic) post surgery
  • Removable insole to allow for a bespoke TCI
  • Biomechanical timing rocker sole® that reduces pressure peaks on the forefoot, protecting the joints

Study Results: In conclusion, the Activity® footwear highlighted more physiological path parameters with improved & baropodometric data compared to normal footwear, with reduction & better redistribution of peak pressure. Therefore it finds particular indication for rheumatic patients, diabetics in primary prevention, people with limited joint mobility & patients in post-surgical rehabilitaion of the foot

activity shoe Test


Activity 1.0 Silver

  • Was £147.60
  • Now £110.70
  • £92.25 without VAT
Save £36.90
Valid until 24/03/2020

Activity 1.0 Black

  • Was £153.60
  • Now £115.20
  • £96.00 without VAT
Save £38.40
Valid until 24/03/2020

Activity 2.0 Black

  • £160.80
  • £134.00 without VAT

Activity 2.0 Black

  • £160.80
  • £134.00 without VAT