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Podartis Off loading footwear-Activity

Protective and Healing Shoes for the Diabetic & Rheumatic foot. 

The Off-loading range of footwear Clinically designed for the treatment of the Diabetic/­Rheumatic foot.

Podartis shoes are studied and designed to prevent, reduce and stop the pain due to foot pathologies. Diabetic shoes are designed according to the international guidelines. Protective shoes, for the primary prevention, temporary offloading shoes for the acute phase, therapeutic shoes for the secondary prevention. 

ACTIVITY® 1.0 for Protected Physical Activity with the WELLWALK® Biomechanical outsole

The Biomechanical WellWalk® outsole represents the semirigid evolution. Thanks to the patent TIMING ROCKER SOLE® The WellWalk® outsole reproduces the natural gait timing and allows a roll-out similar to the barefoot roll of the step. Clinical tests proved the effectiveness of WellWalk® outsole in particular for people with limited joint mobility and moderate diabetic risk in active life.

ACTIVITY® 2.0 for Protected Physical Activity with the WELLWALK® Biomechanical outsole plus the DYNAMIC CROSS SYSTEM®

The specially designed WELLWALK® outsole with the DCS insert helps the foot gait and assures flexibility during the propulsion phase, reducing the energy demand. The DCS is a composite fiber insert inside the Vibram tread its patented system collects released energy during the early stages of contact and mid stance to turn it into a real boost in the propulsion phase it ensures:



The Podartis Off-Loading shoe for the ACUTE PHASE Diabetic / Post operative patient


Style No: PL345

Podartis Modus Insole

  • £17.33
Style No: PO060

Podartis Zero Insole

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