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Lasts & Toe shapes

  • Reeco original last is a classic toe shape with a rounded top profile and through depth for insole of 3 x 3mm
  • Nova (Hidden depths) last is a more elegant last shape for both ladies and men with a square walled top profile this is a more modern shape reflecting the high street styling with 3 x 3 mm insole.
  • Nature last is ideal for the “at risk” foot this shape is a modern walking shoe shape with a flat top profile the last shape is wider and compliments the natural contours of the foot reducing medial and lateral forefoot pressures and through depth for insole of 3 x 3mm
  • Solace last has been designed to accommodate the painful foot and its arthritic changes. The toe has been extended enabling us to narrow the end producing a more flattering shape allowing us to achieve a combination of fashion with function. The waist and seat has been narrowed and the bottom profile gently tapered to reduce stress on the met heads it has a through depth of 6mm to accomodate the inclusion of 6mm cusioning insole which helps redistribute pressure around the plantar surface of the foot.
  • Lowline last is available in all toe shape excluding solace this last has a reduced insole allowance depth of 6mm = 1 x 3mm insole.