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Last Adaptions

                                      last fittings

1-Toe depth

2-Joint width lateral­/medial                                                                                                                                     

3-Joint depth

4-Instep depth

5-Heel width (around heel ball)

Additions are available in multiples of

3mm any adaption over 6mm will require a Bespoke pattern.


                                        Last adaptions


Please indicate the last adaptions you require in the format below, e.g.

Increase instep circumference to 250mm

Increase toe box depth by 9mm

Increase joint circumference to 230mm

Increase joint width medially by 3mm

3mm through depth to accommodate additional insole allowance

Toe depth – as the toes shouldn’t be in the end of the shoe we place our adaption just back from the edge to maintain the cosmetics of the shoe. (see toe box fitting position)

Heel width – if you require width in this area give us a long and short heel measure to enable us to place the adaption in the optimum position.

                                    joint width bottom footprint

Joint width – if you are adding to this area as a bunion pocket or just extra width, tell us if it is required medially or laterally. It should be noted that an increase in joint width will automatically produce an increase in circumference.

Please note that only additions can be made to the last.  If reductions are required then bespoke lasts will have to be made.