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House Shoes for Protective Comfort

If you've spent a long day on your feet, the first thing you'll want to do when you finally get home is to kick off your shoes and relax. If you have 'at risk' feet and especially if you wear therapeutic supportive footwear, then this isn't the most advisable thing to do because when you're in bare feet or slippers you're no longer getting the support and therapeutic benefits that you need. Is there a solution?

Patients who have 'at risk' feet, such as those with diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, benefit greatly from wearing therapeutic footwear, of which there is an extensive range available from Reed Medical. As these shoes only provide benefit when they're on your feet, kicking them off to relax at the end of the day puts an immediate end to the support that they otherwise offer.

The solution comes in the form of our House Shoes, which have been professionally designed and lovingly crafted by the expert team here at Reed Medical. Offering all of the same supportive benefits as our outdoor shoes, our selection of comfortable house shoes has been specially designed to wear indoors.

Along with a warm, cosy lining, our innovative house shoes feature toe puffs and stiffeners, components which provide robust support as well as aiding stability when walking around in the indoor environment. Comfort is further enhanced with a seam-free vamp, which is the place where the footwear ends at the top of the foot. Based on a strong, durable EVA through-wedge sole, the house shoes feature a secure touch-and-close fastening that make them easy to don and doff; this feature also allows for rapid adjustment should swelling occur.

All four styles of our house shoes (named Gemini, Pisces, Libra and Aquarius), feature uppers that can be easily washed by hand, keeping the vibrant colours looking as good as new and also improving hygiene. Please browse our website to discover the most suitable option for you and do not hesitate to contact our team for further advice and information.