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Heat Mouldable Material

Heat mouldable Memory Shape Material

A new memory shape material is now available exclusively from Reed medical. This innovative heat mouldable material comes in a leather look and fabric look and allows you to relieve pressure from the most painful areas of the forefoot, hallux deformity, hammertoes, claw toes, metatarsalgia and ingrown toe nails are all accommodated in this footwear made from this revolutionary material.  

All you need is a hair dryer (or other source of heat). Once cooled, the materials will not shrink back unless further heat is applied. We are using this new technology in our Swellie styles Aspen and Yew and β€˜NEW’ Fullflex styles Elm and Ash.

If you are finding it difficult to accommodate forefoot problems this is the ideal solution.

Heat mouldable Memory Shape Material