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Approved NHS Supplier of Bespoke Orthoses

Having your shoes made by Reed medical

Chose the private clinic most convenient to you and contact them directly to discuss an appointment and initial consultation and pricing.

N.B. Clinics listed on our website are independant private healthcare clinics to whom Reed Medical supply custom made products only.

1st Visit

An assessment will be carried out collecting all necessary medical information regarding to your lower limb and vascular needs, examining and taking a draft and measurements of your feet and even some pictures if it is thought this would be helpful to our technicians when making your shoes.

2nd Visit

At this consultation you will have your 1st fitting of your footwear, this will be the shoe made in the leather or synthetic material you choose but without the sole. You will be asked to put this on so that the fit can checked ensuring it fits in all the right places. Should your shoe need any alterations it is easy to carry these out at this stage of production.

3rd Visit

At this visit you will be fitted with your finished footwear and you can take them away with you. At Reed we pride ourselves on making a quality product with the best service, should you have any problems whilst wearing your footwear you must contact your chosen provider immediately and speak to your Orthotist/­Podiatrist.