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Treatment of the foot in acute phase with stability walkers

Health conditions such as diabetic plantar foot ulcers, heel and talus fractures, neuropathic and ischemic ulcers in the mid/forefoot, charcot/­vascular foot, distal corrective osteotomy and ankle arthrodesis can, as well as causing pain and discomfort, rob a person of their ability to walk.

The loss of this ability can pile serious mental stress on top of the physical condition with unbearable results: the Stabil B Off-Loading Device was designed to help solve the problem and has achieved some quite remarkable results...

The Stability Walker has been subject to rigorous clinical trials to establish its efficiency as compared to Total Contact Casting (TCC). After the trials were completed, the Stabil D was proven to be as effective as the TCC in terms of ulcer size reduction and total healing rate.

Boasting an impressive collection of expertly-engineered design features such as a heat-mouldable stabilising counter, rigid carbon fibre insole and outsole, lateral-stabilising removable whale bones and a removable insole to allow for MODUS or custom made insoles to be easily inserted as required.

For the last word on the potential of the Stability Walker to restore independence, we'll share this five-star review from one of our customers: "As a practice that deals with complicated foot and ankle issues, we have recently used this product on a patient following a serious accident which resulted in various surgical procedures to the foot. Due to the surgery and the complicated issues, the patient was not allowed to wear normal footwear and was struggling walking with crutches. This boot has allowed her to off load the foot and to walk without the aid of crutches. As an adjunct to treatment this product is 10/10."

All of the information about the Stability Walker can be found on the product page on our website, where you'll also find links to full details of the clinical trials.