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Reed custom insoles

Technology has always been an integral part of our business at Reed, whether it be last carving or upper design we have always strived to create the perfect blend of both traditional and modern methods to create the high quality products. It is with great excitement that we continue this tradition by announcing the CAD CAM insole range ‘Reed custom’

Our new CAD CAM service provides truly bespoke orthotics that are made using some of the most advanced technology on the market today.  Each insole is designed and crafted to the highest accuracy and finished in accordance to your requirement by skilled technicians.

Once we receive your foam impression or slipper cast we create a 3D model or ‘digital version’ of the patient’s feet.  This allows us to correct or alter to your requirements similar to traditional plaster methods but on screen.

From here we export the 3D model to the design suite where a number of modification and additions can be added to the orthotic as you require whether that be integral posting, addition compression to the cast, relief areas for pressure or equinus pitch it can all be done accurately measured to ensure quality is guaranteed.  When we are happy with your bespoke design we select your material requirements and export to the milling centres.

Once your orthotics are milled, they are expertly hand finished by a skilled technician to your exact requirements ensuring quality and perfect fit every time.

We keep all your data on file for 3 years and Repeats can made exactly as previously at the touch of button.