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Gaitor full insole

Gaitor full insole

full gaitor

Style No: GAITFL
Gaitor Full length Arch Supports are designed to provide superior shock absorption, arch support and comfort to your heel. Incorporating a successfully patented wafflle design which effectively duplicates nature's own shock absorbing system in your feet, the combination of modern materials provide a lightweight, yet highly effective  shock absorber. Revolutionary new technologies offer an ultra thin carbon fibre arch support which will provide long-lasting relief and comfort. This technologically advanced carbon material may be adjusted when necessary, offering a degree of customisation.

Gaitor insoles provide immediate and maximum relief for common painlful conditions such as Plantar Fasciitus and Heel Spurs.

In addition these insoles contain a combination of materials which keep your feet cooler and drier.
Bacteria and fungal growth inhibitors have been added to increase sanitation and reduce unwanted odours. 
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Ladies 5-7, Ladies 8-9, Ladies 10-12, Ladies 13-16, Gents 3-5, Gents 6-7, Gents 8-10, Gents 11-14