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Forefoot Off Loader

Forefoot Off Loader

forefoot off loader

  • forefoot off loader
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  • Podartis WPS shoe
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The best forefoot offloading shoe: Effectiveness has been clinically & biomechanically tested


WPS is a post-operative shoe for the treatment of fractures, inflammatory states or pains in the anterior part of the foot.

The outsole transfers the load from the forefoot to the rearfoot and makes WPS also ideal for treating interdigital and forefoot ulcers.

The 34mm sole height helps to maintain physiological posture and the talism angle stabilises the walk and reduces the " step effect " (Novel 2007 test). It is also possible to insert a rebalancing and customisable EVA insole.

The super soft nylon upper without edging is suitable for the most sensitive feet, with skin problems. The anterior protective edge is only 6mm, designed to avoid conflicts in interventions with Kirschner wires.

The triple velcro closure allows you to adjust the internal volume according to the patient's needs.

The efficacy of WPS in the forefoot unloading is clinically and biomechanically tested, and allows an early gait , anticipating the recovery of joint functions (clinical study on unloading footwear in the post-surgical course, 2012).

Sizes: Each shoe covers two sizes, matched as below:

35-36 | 37-38 | 39-40 | 41-42 | 43-44 | 45-46 | 47-48



  • Off-loading of ulcers and pressures on the forefoot
  • Off-loading of ulcers between toes
  • Following Hallux valgus surgery/­forefoot surgery


  • Sole in talism 8 °.
  • Super soft nylon upper without edging.
  • Stiff buttresses and rear stabiliser.
  • Triple velcro closure and adjustable internal volume.
  • Sole height 34mm.
  • Allows the insertion of a rebalancing and customizable EVA insole.
  • Universal left/right fit.


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