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Original Dobbs Bar

Original Dobbs Bar


Parents of children with clubfeet everywhere are praising this Dobbs Bar brace. The Dobbs Bar lets children move and kick their legs independently which gives clubfoot kids freedom when it comes to crawling and being more active in the brace. Children fuss less and sleep better in the Dobbs Bar because it's more comfortable and less restrictive. The independent movement prevents heel ulcers and keeps the kids from pulling out of the bootees. The results are happier parents, happier kids and improved compliance.

  • Children can kick and move their legs independently so they can crawl and be more active.
  • Increased brace compliance reduces the risk of relapse.
  • Because the brace moves with the child, friction on the heel is greatly reduced.
  • The independent movement and greater mobility of the brace minimizes the escape potential of the child pulling out of the bootees.
  • Children sleep better in the Dobbs Bar because they can get comfortable. Children can sleep with one leg straight and the other bent, which reduces stress on the child's knees.
  • The Dobbs Bar grows with your child and is completely adjustable in two sizes, small (adjustable from 6 to 9 inches) and regular (adjustable from 9 to 14 inches).

The Dobbs Bar can be use with the ponseti boot and with a Dobbs adapter kit you can use the Mitchel boots.


http://­www.­ortobar.­com.­br/­product1.­html  Short video of child crawling

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