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Diabetic Foot Webinar: View Now!

The complex matter of managing diabetic foot ulcers, with particular reference to the effects of the global outbreak of COVID-19, was addressed recently in a webinar hosted by PODartis, the world's leading designer and manufacturer of orthopaedic footwear. You can now view the full webinar on Vimeo, as well as accessing clips from two key speakers: Dr. Roberto Da Ros and Dr. Camillo Burrato.

Dr. Roberto Da Ros is the current president of 'Gruppo Podopatia Diabetica' as well as the director of a specialist diabetic foot clinic in Monfalcone, Italy. After graduating with a specialty in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and a PhD in Clinical Sciences and Technologies at Udinese University, he has spent 15 years dedicating his career to the treatment of the diabetic foot. In the recent webinar, Dr. Da Ros focused on therapeutic footwear worn during the offloading phase.

Dr. Camillo Buratto, the CEO of PODartis, has been a prominent member of the orthopaedic technique community for more than two decades. Since 1988, Dr. Burrato has studied the issues of diabetic and rheumatic feet in depth, developing a number of innovative orthopaedic solutions: these include the first extendable-sole shoe and the first self-modelling shoe. More recent successes include the introduction of FlexPell material to the PODartis collection and biomechanical soles with localised exhaust.

All of the speakers agreed during the webinar that one of the main recommendations in the prevention of DFU is that therapeutic footwear and orthoses be worn continuously: the group also noted that maintaining the recommendation could be more difficult in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reed Medical is a proud official supplier of PODartis footwear and orthotic devices. We invite you to browse the full range on our website and also to view the recent PODartic webinar.