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Conditions Affecting the Feet: Bunions

Feet are susceptible to many different medical conditions and one of the most common is bunions. In this edition of the Reed Medical blog, we look in more detail at the condition, the proper name of which is 'hallux valgus'.

The visible bump known as a bunion is a reflection of changes in the framework of the forefoot. Rather than pointing directly ahead as it should, the big toe begins to lean towards the second toe, throwing the bones out of correct alignment and resulting in the characteristic bump.

Bunions are almost always caused by an inherited mechanical fault in the structure of the affected foot. Though wearing footwear that crowds or compresses the toes does not actually cause bunions, it can definitely aggravate the condition and make it become progressively worse, causing symptoms to appear sooner.

The symptoms of a bunion include pain, soreness, skin irritation, inflammation, redness, numbness and burning sensations, along with the visible bump. In some cases, a large sac of fluid can form at the affected site: known as a 'bursa', this sac can easily become inflamed and often extremely painful. If the condition is left untreated, it can become so severe that the patient experiences pain all over the affected foot, even when wearing no footwear at all.

Bunions can vary greatly in size. It should be noted that bunion size does not correlate directly with the amount of pain experienced: some people have large bunions that are not painful at all while others have much smaller bunions that cause extreme discomfort. Surgery is the final option but there are many ways to help relieve the symptoms, one of which is the wearing of specially-designed footwear that gives the feet extra room.

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