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Activity® 1.0 Trainers: 25% Introductory Price Discount

Reed Medical supply an extensive collection of specially designed footwear. The range has recently been updated with the Activity® 1.0 trainer, designed for people with diabetes, arthritis and other conditions that cause problems related to joint mobility. For a limited time, Activity® 1.0 extra-roomy trainers are available with a 25% introductory price discount.

Activity® 1.0 trainers have been designed with an extra-wide forepart, which can comfortably accommodate swollen feet without adding painful pressure. The trainers also feature a safeseam environment which helps to protect the feet during physical activity. Both comfort and safety are increased thanks to the cushioning insole, which reduces shock impact considerably: this insole can be easily removed if required, allowing for fitting adjustments or the insertion of a bespoke insole.

Another crucial feature of Activity ® 1.0 footwear is the inclusion of a biomechanical, semi-rigid rocker bottom outsole. This innovative design is based on WellWalk® energy saver technology, which improves mobility by assisting propulsion. The trainers also come with an integral back counter that fully supports the feet during the contact phase, adding extra stability and enhancing balance.

Activity® 1.0 trainers from Reed Medical are recommended for anyone who suffers from sore, swollen feet, particularly those caused by arthritis, diabetes and rheumatism. They are also suitable for people suffering from overpronation or oversupination. As aesthetically attractive as they are practical, Activity® 1.0 trainers are available in Black or Silver in a full range of sizes.

Find out more about Activity® 1.0 extra-roomy trainers on our website and order now to enjoy our 25% introductory price discount.